PhotoCake Australia can print onto Icing Sheets, Wafer Paper and now Chocolate Transfer Sheets too! Check out details below for which one you need.
Icing Sheets


These are thin layers of icing which will melt onto any slightly moist surface. Usually used for Cakes and cookies, we have been known to put them in Lollies, lollipops and even onto Ice cream. They are easy to cut, peel off their backing and lay on your cake. It has a slightly sweet taste to it, but once melted in you won’t taste anything but your amazing cake!

Edible Images
Wafer Paper


Is a firmer edible paper made with rice starch. It is great for creating 3D and standing images as it acts just like thin cardboard except that you can eat it! It is popular for making butterflies with standing up wings, cake toppers like characters that stand on top of your cake and wafer paper flowers. 

Chocolate Transfers *NEW*

These are sheets with thin layers of Cocoa Butter which we can print your photos, patterns or images onto. First cut them to shape (or cut and put in a mould) then pour your melted chocolate onto the sheet, wait for the chocolate to set and peel the backing off to get your image onto the chocolate. Alternatively you can also heat the surface of already hardened chocolate and press the transfer sheet on and allow it to cool before peeling the backing off (Basically the same process as putting on a temporary tattoo).

I can help with as much or as little of the design process as you need.
Levels of Design assistance

– Already know exactly what you want?

Send it through as an image or even a word doc if that’s easiest for you.

– Got the picture you want but need it edited before it will work?

I can do full photo editing for you; ie. colours changed, photos merged, ugly backgrounds removed, faces on other bodies, adding people into photos…


– Have a theme but that’s about it?

Let me know what idea you do have and we can develop a design together. Don’t worry you wouldn’t be the first person 😊

Electronic Precision Cutting 

– Want a Silhouette or have an intricate design which requires lots of hand cutting?

We offer an electronic cutting out service so your sheet will come pre-cut, no matter how complicated the printed design! No more cutting silhouettes by hand! Simply peel from the backing and use. (Only suitable for Icing and Wafer sheets, not for choc transfers at this stage)






Image on Chocolate

– Not confident working with Chocolate yourself?

I can print and mount your photos and images onto chocolate for you. Perfect for Plaques, cake toppers and special occasions